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How to Increase Your Focus: A Book Review of "Free to Focus"

June 02, 20232 min read

For this week’s post, I want to provide a brief review of Michael Hyatt’s book entitled Free to Focus. I had the privilege of reading a prepublication copy. I found Michael’s book to be enjoyable, thought-provoking, and highly beneficial.

His publication is more than simply a book. In it, he describes a productivity system that allows you to “achieve more by doing less.” I find this concept to be extremely helpful. Almost every week I say to business owners, “You are trying to do too much. You need to do less so that you can do it better.” Michael has taken this concept to a new level.

Do More With Less

In his work, he lays out an approach on how to apply this concept. He provides forms to help implement his teachings and has even produced a planner to support his system. What becomes very clear is that his content has been forged in the valley of experience. Even the way he begins the book immediately draws you into his writing (I will not rob you of the experience of reading it.).

He divides his work into 3 sections: (1) Stop, (2) Cut, and (3) Act. Under each section he has significant and impactful sub-points that empower you to do what he encourages.

The book is filled with many powerful statements. For example, he writes, “Information is no longer scarce. But attention is. In fact, in a world where information is freely available, focus becomes one of the most valuable commodities in the workplace.”

He reveals how his personal “breakthrough came when I realized most productivity ‘solutions’ actually make things worse.” He continues, “The most productive business leaders I coach recognize productivity is not about getting more things done; it’s about getting the right things done.”

Step 1: Stop – Hyatt writes, “Unless you first know why you’re working, you can’t properly evaluate how you’re working. That’s why Free to Focus suggests that to truly start you must stop.”

Step 2: Cut – Hyatt writes, “What you don’t do is just as important to your productivity as what you do.”

Step 3: Cut – He writes, “Having cut out all the nonessentials, it’s time for execution. In this section you’ll learn how to accomplish your high-leverage tasks in less time and , , , with less stress.”

Free to Focus

In summary, I found Michael Hyatt’s book to be a great read.  I have added it to my book recommendations. I want to provide a warning, however. If you read it and actually implement what he teaches, it will change your life! I truly believe that’s why he wrote the book.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed regularly with responsibility, Michael Hyatt’s book Free to Focus provides a clear pathway forward to a much more productive, less stressful, and more enjoyable life. I highly recommend you buy it, read it, and most importantly put its contents into practice!

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