Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready!

Many people overthink and under-execute what they want to do. They find themselves constantly getting ready to get ready. They fail to take action. While it is important to take the right action, waiting to have things perfectly developed will keep you from taking any action. What are some insights that can help you take action? Read below to discover 5 insights that will help you get things done!

Insight #1 – Take action once you reach 80% ready.

One major reason people fail to take action is because they are waiting until they are 100% ready to do a project. Getting to 100% rarely occurs. Instead, once you reach 80% ready, take action.

I regularly share with clients a mountain climbing analogy. If a person wants to climb Mount Everest, he will spend most of his energy, resources, time, etc. to establish a basecamp. Doing so requires 80% of his effort. While establishing a basecamp doesn’t get you to the summit of the mountain, not establishing it assures that you will never climb to the top.

The hardest part of the climb is the last 20%. Climbing from ground zero to the top of the mountain (100%) without establishing a basecamp is impossible. Even once you establish a basecamp, the weather can change, equipment can fail, or health issues can occur. The last 20% of the climb will require you to make some adjustments, be flexible and adapt. The same is true in implementing a plan. That’s why attempting to plan 100% of a project before taking action doesn’t work. Instead, plan 80% and then take action. You will figure out the last 20% out along the way.


Insight #2 – Be willing to tweak the project as you execute it.

Projects almost always need tweaking as they unfold. No matter how much you try to think of everything, something will occur that you didn’t count on in your planning stage.

Once you have developed or planned 80% of the project, just go for it. You can adapt to unexpected challenges as you progress. In fact, you will likely develop a stronger, better project by adapting. Don’t feel like you have to determine everything in advance. Be flexible. Be willing to tweak as you execute. Perfect the project as you develop it, not before you begin it.

Insight #3 – Evaluate your progress in stages.

Evaluating your project through its various stages means you are honest about what’s working and what’s not working. It’s impossible to consider every component of a project in advance. That’s why you must evaluate your projects in various stages. Your ability to pivot to address unanticipated challenges will produce a better project in the end.

New thoughts will occur along the developmental journey. The project may take a turn in a direction you didn’t initially anticipate. As you adjust and pivot, you develop solutions that make the project even better.

Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready!

Insight #4 – Be willing to pause the project to gain clarity.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to pause your project to gain clarity. Developing a product, a project, etc. is not easy. You may get stuck along the way. Don’t panic, just pause. Pause long enough to gain the clarity you need to move to the next step.

It’s hard to move forward without clarity. Clarity allows you to take action. Great clarity allows you to take massive action. Just make sure you don’t stay stuck. Regain your clarity, and then take action. Pausing is temporary. Don’t make it permanent.

Think of your pause like shifting the direction at which you are looking at a puzzle. Have you ever found yourself unable to discover where a particular puzzle piece should be placed? Sometimes, simply changing the direction at which you are viewing the puzzle allows you to immediately discover where that confusing puzzle piece should be placed. The same can be true of a project. Pausing to gain clarity enables you to move forward with certainty.

Insight #5 – Drag the project across the finish line.

Finish the project! Rarely in life will people develop a product or project with which they will be completely delighted. Perfection is rare. Don’t allow it to hinder completion. Get the project done!

Realize that what you created may not be perfect, but it can be completed. Think for a moment. Before you created your product or project, it didn’t exist. Now that you have completed it, you or someone else can perfect it. You laid the foundation upon which future iterations will build.

Be determined to finish what you start. In fact, if you do not have that determination, don’t start the project. It takes great determination to complete what you start. Determine in advance that you will complete it.

In summary, how many times have you had a great idea but failed to take action? Could it be that you found yourself constantly getting ready to get ready? You had a great idea. It could help many people. You just never got it off the ground. Stop trying to perfect what you haven’t started. Stop getting ready to get ready. Plan the 80% and take action now!